Highland Group Completes Expansion for Veterans Museum

Highland Group Completes Expansion for Veterans Museum

When it came time for the Alabama Veterans Museum and Archives to move to a bigger and better venue, The Highland Group was brought in to fit out and build a space worthy of honoring our servicemen and women.

Since its opening in November of 2000, the Alabama Veterans Museum has served as the number one tourist attraction in Limestone County despite being housed in a small two-room venue. In 2019, the Limestone County Commission unanimously voted to give the Museum a new home by transferring the deed to the 20,000 sq. ft. Limestone County Event Center over to them.

The Highland Group converted half of the former event center into a massive state-of-the-art facility to store the Museum’s growing historical collection. It now has plenty of room for exhibits to showcase artifacts and memorabilia and also houses a library, an event space, and ample room for veterans to get together and share stories.

“It was an honor to work on the expansion for the Veterans Museum and create a space that showcases and celebrates local heroes,” said Michael Barnes, Highland Group project manager.

Sandy Thompson, Alabama Veterans Museum Director, stated, “The Highland Group did a tremendous job helping us create a space to meet our needs. Veterans and visitors alike will now get to enjoy the Museum in our beautiful new location for years to come.”

The Alabama Veterans Museum and Archives was established to preserve the memories of our veterans by creating a permanent resting place for artifacts and memorabilia. The Museum offers free admission, although donations are greatly appreciated, and rely heavily on volunteers.  Additional information and contact information to volunteer can be found at www.alabamaveteransmuseum.com.

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